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Connections page is for managing all database connections.

  • Add new connections (by clicking "New connection" button)

  • Manage existing connections (change settings by clicking on a connection)

  • View and manage metadata for a connection, which is used by most DQM functionalities.

  • Check connection status (update status by clicking on status icon)

Adding a new connection

  1. On Connections page click "New connection" button:

  2. Insert database connection information:

  • Driver/Connector – database JDBC driver (see chapter Connector settings to add new drivers)

  • Connection name – custom name for the connection

  • Server – database server address

  • Port – database port

  • Database name – database name in server

  • Properties – additional connection properties

  • User – database user (we recommend using a user with read-only rights)

  • Password – password for the user

  • Parallel queries – maximum parallel connections to database for a user

  • Query timeout (s) – maximum number of seconds the connection waits for a response from the database

  1. Click "Add connection" button

  2. New connection will appear on the list and connection status will show if connection was successful

Example - Add a Connection

Example connections

Connections example spark
Connections example redshift
Connections example snowflake

Deleting an existing connection

  1. Click on the connection you would like to delete

  2. From opened window click "Delete connection" button


Metadata is used to automatically create test cases, generate SQLs and manage Profiling. Metadata can be managed by clicking on a specific connection:

  • Select schemas or insert them manually (comma separated):


  • Click "+" button to import schemas

  • Metadata should now be available

    If the "Update" flag is enabled for a schema, then additions and changes to objects and columns are automatically synced every 120 minutes (can be changed in Settings -> General.

    If the "Delete" flag is enabled for a schema, then object and column removals from the database are automatically synced.

    Metadata can also be manually updated or deleted by selecting schemas and clicking "Update selected" or "Delete selected" button.

Last modified: 28 March 2024