LiTech Data Observability Help


Objects page gives users an overview of all database objects available, allowing to create a data catalog to easily manage data assets.

The Objects view can be accessed on the Catalog page under the Objects tab.


Each catalog object consists of:

  • Data quality metric - calculated based on test cases and profilings

  • Name - object name in database

  • Attributes - number of columns for object

  • Row count - latest known row count from profiling

  • Test cases - related test cases (click to navigate to Test cases page)

  • Profiling rules - related profilings (click to navigate to Profiling page)

  • Description - business definition (if exists) or database comment

Object detailed view

Clicking on an object name opens a detailed view, allowing users to get insights on attribute level. Users can view metadata and metrics, add comments, and manage related business terms from Glossary.

  • Owner - set the owner of the data asset

  • Labels - add custom labels to group objects

  • Business definition - custom free text field to describe the object

  • Database comment - technical comment from database metadata

Catalog search can be used to find catalog objects by:

  • Free text - object/column names and descriptions

  • Term - business term from Glossary

  • Label - custom label defined for catalog objects

  • Object - specific catalog object (table/view name)

  • Attribute - specific attribute (column name)

Clicking on the search result will open catalog objects with selected filter.


Manage terms

Terms can be added and removed by clicking on the chevron icon in the "Terms" column for any of the attributes.


Add a new term

To add a new term, that does not yet exist in the Glossary, insert a term name into the "New term name" field, select a color, and click "Add new term".

Add an existing term

To add a term that already exists in the Glossary, click on any of the term names from the "Choose new term from Glossary" section.

Delete a term from attribute

To delete a term, hover on a term in the "Existing column terms" section and click on X.


Directories can be created to group specific catalog objects. Directories are found on the sidebar. New directories can be created by clicking on Plus icon. Clicking on a directory will filter Catalog view to display objects in selected directory.


Assigning objects to directories

Objects can be added to directories by dragging the Directory icon to any of the directories. To remove object from any of the directories, drag it to "All objects" directory.

Last modified: 18 March 2024