LiTech Data Observability Help


Business Glossary lets users define a list of business Terms that can be used to label different cataloged objects in the application. Terms can be organized into folders and with Relations between Terms.

The Glossary view can be accessed on the Catalog page under the Glossary tab.


Create a Term

The "New Term" dialog can be opened from the left sidebar. Terms have a name, color and description.


View Term's detailed info

Clicking on a row in the Terms list will open its detailed view. From there you can edit the Term's name, color and description. In addition, this view contains the Relations between Terms and an overview of connected catalog objects.


Edit Term's Relations

The lower section contains a tab for changing a Term's Relations.

Organizing Terms into folders

Terms can be organized into folders using the following Relation Types:


Related Term will become a child Term of the opened Term.

Contained in

Related Term will become a parent Term of the opened Term.

View Term's Relations in a graph

The Relations tab contains a graph-representation of the Relations on the right. This graph supports panning and zooming. Clicking on a node in this graph will highlight the path from the opened Term and show the Relation types. Any node's child nodes can be collapsed or expanded with the +/- button to the right of a node.


Open another Term from the Relations graph

Clicking on the arrow button in a node after the Term's name will open that Term's detailed view.

The Attributes tab contains a list of related Catalog Objects. Clicking on the button after the Object's name will open that Catalog Object.


Exploring Terms' folder structure

Terms that contain other Terms via the "Contains" Relation show two extra buttons in the Terms list view. The button to the left of the Term's name expands that folder's contents without navigating into the folder. The button on the right will navigate into the folder.


The current active directory is visible above the Term list. Clicking on parts of the directory will navigate into that directory. Clicking on the last part, e.g. the current directory will open that Term's detailed view.


Searching for Terms

The search in the top of Business Glossary finds Terms by the name or description. The search results are not organized in folders, like the default view. The organized folder of a search result can be seen in the Term's detailed view. To return to the default Term list view, clear the search.

Last modified: 18 March 2024