LiTech Data Observability Help

Test suites

Test suites page allows users to create and manage test suites, which are used to package test cases. Click on a test suite to:

  • Edit – edit test suite properties, scheduling and alerts

  • View test cases – open test cases page for this test suite

  • Execute – execute the test suite (requires user to have access to all test suite's test cases' connections)

  • Get report – download HTML report with latest results for the test suite


Private test suites have an indicator testsuitePrivateIndicator.png at the end of the test suite (test suite "Connection tests" in the image)

Adding a new test suite

  1. Press the "Add new test suite" button on the sidebar

  2. Fill in the test suite properties


Test suite properties

  • Test suite name – display name for test suite

  • Directory – directory of the test suite

  • Tags – see chapter Adding tags to a test suite

  • Owner - who can edit this test suite

  • Results in report – sample results of test cases (max 1000 rows) are displayed in HTML report

  • Private – check if test suite should not be visible and executable by other users

  • Visible to - which role can see the test suite (default "Owner")

  • Schedule – schedule when the test suite should be executed.

  • Allowed errors – % value of errors allowed. When the test failure percentage is larger than the allowed threshold, an alert will be sent (0% to send an alert if any of the tests fails)

  • Severity threshold - INFO, WARNING, CRITICAL. Failed test cases with the set severity or higher will trigger alerts. For example severity WARNING will trigger alerts for test cases with severity WARNING and CRITICAL.

  • Webhook – Webhook to which an alert is sent if error threshold is exceeded

  • Emails – comma separated emails to which report is sent if error threshold is exceeded

  1. Click on "Add test suite" button

Deleting a test suite

  1. Find the test suite you want to delete and click "edit" icon

  2. Click the "Delete test suite" button

  3. When prompted with following message

    • Delete test suite – only test suite will be deleted. All tests will remain without a test suite reference

    • Delete with test cases – all tests that are in the test suite will also be deleted

Modifying a test suite

  1. Find the test suite and click "edit"

  2. Modify properties that need to be changed

  3. Click "Save changes" button

Adding tags to a test suite

  1. Locate the test suite where you want to change tags and click "edit "

  2. Insert or delete tags from "Tags" field

  1. Press "Save changes" button


Each test suite can be assigned into a custom directory to create a directory-based structure for test suite management. Directories can be created by clicking on the plus sign on the sidebar after "Directories". To create or edit sub-directories, hover on a directory name and click the plus icon or pencil icon.


Adding test suites to directories

To add a test suite to a directory, hover on a test suite name. A directory icon will appear. Click and grab the icon and drag it to a directory. To remove a directory, drag it to "Unassign" section in the sidebar. Directories can also be changed by editing a test suite.


Last modified: 18 March 2024