Data Quality as a Service

Issues with data quality are present in most companies, no matter the size. While larger companies might have the necessary resources to tackle these problems with enterprise solutions, others are often forced to manage their data quality manually.

To cover these issues, LiTech is offering a combination of their application and knowledge as a service to improve your company’s data quality. With Data Quality as a Service you can get better insights into your data and find crucial errors before they affect your business. LiTech will create custom data validations specifically for your company, report data quality and alert of errors, helping you to deliver accurate data that can be trusted.

If your company is looking for a simple service to improve their data quality processes, needs help tackling data quality issues or is looking to be more data-driven, then contact us or schedule a meeting.

  • Cover the lack of in-house workforce and stop wasting resources on manually managing data quality.
  • Provide accurate and reliable information by having your data tested and monitored 24/7.
  • Reduce delays and increase cost savings by getting notified of errors as soon as they appear.
  • Improve decision making and save time by using data that can be trusted.
    Services include:
  • Insights on data and data quality
  • Data analysis for test plan creation
  • On-demand data validations based on your input
  • Systematically executed data validations
  • Regular reporting for all data validations
  • Automatic alerting for any errors detected